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International Songwriting Awards


The ISAs is a songwriting event from important bodies in the global music industry. It provides a unique and equal opportunity for all songwriters, beginner and established, to represent their country and become nominated by their peers for prestigious international songwriting awards. Full details are at the official ISA Website.



DISCOUNT PACKAGE:  We recommend this entry option. Use The UK Songwriting Contest entry form (click the orange button above) and you will get entry in the UKSC plus FREE ENTRY in The Lyricist of the Year Awards, plus FREE ENTRY in The Commonwealth Song Contest AND a very low price “almost fee” entry in the INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING AWARDS. This is an amazing offer and the best value for money option available.

UK Songwriting Contest


Submissions are now closed for this top international competition. Check out the “4 in 1” Song Deal and enter The UKSC, The International Songwriting Awards, The Commonwealth Song Contest AND The Lyricist of the Year Awards with just one entry!! Full details are at the official UKSC Website.


SPECIAL OFFER PACKAGE:  Get FREE entry into other top international songwriting events when you submit to the UKSC. Full details on the UKSC website. The special offer options are on the UKSC entry form.




Lyricist Of The Year Awards


The Lyricist Of The Year Awards works with music organizations, publishers, song copyright registers and more to find talented new lyricists to nominate for awards. It also receives song entries automatically from the prestigious international UK Songwriting Contest. The final award winners are chosen by a panel of industry professionals. You can also nominate yourself directly for consideration for an award by paying a submission fee.  Full details are at the official Lyricist Of The Year website.


We recommend that you submit your song entry to the UK Songwriting Contest to receive FREE entry in the LOTY Lyricist Of The Year Awards along with your UKSC entry. This is a great saving on the standard LOTY direct entry fee.

Commonwealth Song Contest


The Commonwealth Song Contest is in Beta mode in 2018 as a test run for later events. Entry is open to all songwriters from the 53 Commonwealth countries. The CSC has partnered with the UK Songwriting Contest to offer an easy and safe way to get your song into the event and all songs must be submitted via the UKSC entry form. Every song from a Commonwealth nation is automatically forwarded from the UKSC entry system into the Commonwealth Song Contest selections.


Song Copyright Registration is the world’s leading independent music copyright registration service. It is the first choice of professional publishers, music organizations and thousands of songwriters, composers and lyricists. Complete beginners and also professional award winning songwriters use the service and it was formed by an association of music industry bodies and experts to provide easy and instant lifetime copyright protection and peace of mind for songwriters. Registration at publishes to the world the fact that you have registered international copyright to your song and it provides online verification of this claim. In addition an official Copyright Certificate is issued for each song registered and an official sworn Declaration of Registration will be provided to lawers and courts anywhere in the world in the event of dispute. There is no quicker, easier and safer way to register and protect your international copyright. Read more about and the international Song Copyright Organization (SCO) at their official website.


Song Reviews and Advice

Coming Soon! Advice, critiques and support from music industry professionals. Personal coaching, song analysis, production tips, demo services and much more will be available to members of Return soon for full details. We will email all registered members when we launch this service.