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Music Aid International

Music Aid has many events and opportunities for songwriters and artists each year including World Concert Day, Music Aid Day and others. It also runs the Music Aid App (at – a popular free Music Player described in the media as “Spotify for good causes”.  Check out current events, opportunities, causes and more at the official Music Aid International website using the button below. Music Aid uses exclusively for all event and educational submissions

UK Songwriting Contest


Submit to this popular international songwriting event and get live updates from the judges as they happen.  Full details on the official UKSC Website.

TIP:  There is an option on the UKSC entry form to also enter your song in The International Songwriting Contest at the same time for a very small admin fee – saving you many $$$. (NOTE: offer may be time limited and not available later in the event).

International Songwriting Contest

Direct Entries from June 2021

The ISA International Songwriting Awards has joined with some of the world´s biggest songwriting events and organizations in the global music industry to become The International Songwriting Contest. You can enter directly or through the UK Songwriting Contest or The USA Songwriting Contest.  It provides a unique opportunity for all songwriters, beginner and established, to represent their own country in an international song play off. It has been compared to Eurovision because songs compete by country and not by category, but unlike Eurovision there is a stronger emphasis on the songwriters.  There are more details on the official ISA Website – but a new dedicated sIte for the International Songwriting Contest is in development which will replace this and will be live online before the June opening.

TIP:  Enter The UK Songwriting Contest (click the orange button above) for the usual low UKSC entry fee and you will have the option to add your song to THE INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING CONTEST AND AWARDS at the same time for a very small admin charge. This is the best value for option available, and saves paying the full direct entry fee of $25. This offer may be time limited but it is available as we write this.

USA Songwriting Contest


The USA Songwriting Contest is the American edition and version of the popular UK Songwriting Contest. Think of it as America´s Got Talent or American X Factor – both are US shows but they keep their strong UK roots, format and identity and share some of the same  judges. The USA Songwriting Contest accepts international enries from every country in the world. Entry fee is in US Dollars. Certificates are issued and branded by the USA event.


TIP:  This is also a good way to get a very low price entry into The International Songwriting Contest, as that event is currently available as an optional add on for those who enter The USA Songwriting Contest.

Commonwealth Song Contest

2021/22 Event

Music event for all songwriters, producers and artists from the 54 Commonwealth countries. Top songs from each country compete in the final rounds and public votes decide the winning country. Similar to Eurovision but for Commonwealth Nations only. Results announced during The Commonwealth Games 2022.

OPPORTUNITY TIP: the organisers are looking for media partners and producers in the countries involved.

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